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  1. Technology
    Technology experience ranging from website content design and management, to LIVE web streaming, supply-chain operations standards and management, POS and inventory, to desktop support.
  2. Customer Support
    Understanding customer support from the clients standpoint and coming to mutual benefit for both client and company to lead business on the upward path to solid Sustained Growth!
  3. Forward Thinking
    Always looking to stay ahead of the curve, not just keep up. Fresh ideas often give birth to successful innovations that stimulate healthy business environments, both from a company's standpoint as well as enjoyable staff environment.
  4. Sales & Operations Leadership
    Front of house and back of house operations in great communications is the foundation for fantastic business growth and development. Strong leadership by example in marketing, great customer service, and operational efficiency makes everyone feel valued, from customers to team members. Successful leadership acknowledges the complete "circle" of business development.
  5. Training
    Training involves book knowledge but must be supported by todays tools of learning that include visual with hands-on doing. I combine as much of the 5-senses our brains use to learn and retain skills from. Seeing is believing, combined with hearing, and doing, which are the most solid forces of the learning pyramid.
  6. Business Efficiencies
    Business technologies are a "key" component to business bottom lines. Technologies alone though are the not the end-all benefit if the processes and procedures are not also proven efficient. Technology combined with great processes do add up to the best business bottom lines.
With an impressive well rounded Leadership background that spans customer service, home refurbishment, event/trade-shows design/sales/coordination, retail/wholesale music products industry and consumer electronics in sales, operations, marketing, project/product management, and technology management. I'm certain my passion and experience will make me a valuable asset to your team of professionals.
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